Why This Site?

I'm @retailrudy on Twitter.

I have a family, love to play sports, garden, work on my land.

I'm an investor just like you.

I've won some - lost some.  I'm tired of the Wall Street corruption and manipulation.

I believe Wall Street has their place. But I also believe they gone too far for too long. They have become like BigTech, BigPharma and the rest who have plenty of money to lobby the US and other governments to take advantage of Retail Traders.

They are organized. So we need to be too.

If we organize - we can eventually have a voice equal to if not bigger than theirs.  We need to do it.

We can organize by ticker - and that will help. This is just a start on a ticker that has become meme.

I have been on Reddit, Stocktwits, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and a lot of time on Twitter. Twitter is my preferred community of choice - but not because it's the best. There just seems to be a lot of folks there and it's a quick way to get sentiment, space calls, search, etc. It seems to get you the most relevant info the fastest for changing news. As a day trader - that is why I'm here.

As an Investor - I get my info from many other sources including the other mentioned as well as sites I subscribe to. I won't go into those here as I don't want to advertise for them.

I have a wife, kids and run a small software company. But I have been in some tickers that have shown me the game is not fair. Because of this, I've decided to get involved more with what I know how to do.