BBIG Family FAQs

What is the purpose of this site?

Currently pinned on my Twitter profiles is this: "I'm fighting for my investment. I'm fighting for my hard-eared money. I'm fighting for my community, I'm fighting against corruption and evil."

If I make a bad investment - shame on me. I cut my losses and move on.

But if I make a good investment - but the management and/or BOD are crooks - shame on them. 

That's where I fight.

I've never had to fight for a ticker before. I own Amazon $amzn for example. I buy, hold or trade and never worry about anything else. With Vinco Ventures $BBIG however - we've had late filings, court cases with Colucci and Board of Directors/Management infighting, failed to comply with Nasdaq minimum price requirements and our partner company ZVV has a board member indighted for fraud - yes Ted Farnworth. To  make matters worse - the old CEO of Zash Global (Erik Finman) - which we now supposedly own - is no longer CEO. He also without any evidence proceeded to create a coup with retail investors by calling for the removal of the past CEO/President of Vinco who were put in as court appointed interim employees. 

Have you ever seen this before? And what's more - it's totally our or our control. If we could comply with Nasdaq we would. If we could file our quarterlies - we would.

Since it's out or our control, I did the one thing I knew I could in my control. That is to build a website and organize my investor community (my brothers and sisters) so we are all united.

We are all over different social networks or none at all. This is an attempt to be neutral with regard to social media politics and opinion - and instead agree - we are all SHAREHOLDERS. 

We own this company - and the company  needs to understand and value that. So by organizing - we give our selves options to take action TOGETHER if needed later. But if we are not organized - and then we did want to take action - it would be very difficult.

1. What is our mission

This is not "my" site. This is OUR site. The BBIG investors and community.

  1. Come Together - Community - Unite. Together we are stronger in influence, voice and action. Your voice is not alone.
  2. Coordinate (too many networks to have a unified front.  Twitter, Stocktwits, Reddit, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.) all have their place - but there isn't one place to belong to a community.  
  3. Communicate - allow us quickly communicate outside platforms. We can email, call/text each other here.
  4. Consolidate - We have so many talented investors and community members with contacts and skills. We need to know who you are. This will help us make better decisions 
  5. Count - If you share your number of shares - we keep a running tally to show how much of the float we actually represent. Why do we care - this has influence on our Bod/Mgt to see that our opinion should matter. In addition this would help us to get the word out if we need to take legal or other formal actions in the future.

2. Is my information confidential

Yes. When you signed up it says we will never share with anyone without your permission. The only people who "may" see your information are me and anyone who helps organize the community. When those people are vetted - then they sign an NDA as added measure.

3. How can I help

1st and foremost - like and share any posts, tweets, etc. regarding this site. Get people to know and understand what our mission is. Getting people to sign up unites and strengthens or voice. 

2nd - If you know an influencer (Youtube, Stocktwits, Twitter, etc.) who can help us spread the word - please have them contact us on our contact page. We need their help.

3rd - if you have a talent, skill or contact that could help us strengthen our position with Adrizer, Lomotif or Vinco in general - please share it.

4th - make sure you put our email in your address book and tell your email provider (especially live, msn, hotmail, sbcglobal, icloud that we are clean). For some reason we are on a list because we're a new domain.

5th - if you have an idea or opinion that you think will add value and is not being heard in social media - post it here by filling out the contact page form. I will make sure to share it in the communities. I may call to understand if I have questions.

4. What if my share count changes

Just fill out the contact form or DM me and I'll update it. Right now I'm not allowing logins on the site to update info because it's a bit more work for the current way I setup the site. I built it quickly in one day - and wasn't sure the type of response we'd get - so bare with me.

5. I Represent an Institution

If you are an institution or know or have contacts with institutions that want to join us - please fill out the contact form. We are all investors. Retail / Institution - we all own shares. We all win working together.

6. I'm a celebrity or Influencer

Fantastic - please get in touch by filling out our contact form. We need your influence to help bring awareness and positive change.

7. Is this Market Manipulation if we work together?


Market "Manipulation"  is what HFs and MMs do. =) 

No in all seriousness, it's literally when you use activities to manipulate others with lies, pump by telling everyone to buy at a certain time, or as perhaps a market maker MM - faking price/quotes or bids, etc.

It's when you artificially affect stock price. Key word here - artificially is not what we do - but what HFs and MMs do - yes they manipulate - we just get screwed for their manipulation.
Even if Vinco puts out PR that is positive or negative - it will likely affect stock price - but this is not manipulation - it's just the affect of news.

We are not doing manipulating or artificially doing anything. We're just uniting. 
However if it scares you enough - then don't sign up. No worries. We wont' hold it against you. But if you do IMHO it will show BoD and Mgt. we're untied and serious.

But to be clear - here's a definition from the website:

Market manipulation is when someone artificially affects the supply or demand for a security (for example, causing stock prices to rise or to fall dramatically). 

Market manipulation may involve techniques including: 

  • Spreading false or misleading information about a company; 
  • Engaging in a series of transactions to make a security appear more actively traded; and 
  • Rigging quotes, prices, or trades to make it look like there is more or less demand for a security than is the case.