$bbig Investors Looking for Direction

twitter.pngI posted on twitter and mass emailed this to the community today.  $bbig family everyday investors ask me if they should sell. If you sell or hold I respect your decision.

Here's a response to a shareholder that I just DMd this morning:

I can't tell you what to do. You have to study the company and make your own decisions.

IMO the company is run by a bod who are dishonest crooks. So because of that I'm holding not buying. Holding gives me legal "standing". You do you.

I'm in a legal case to expose truth, get my money back and attempt to make whole my investment. Because of this process more and more shareholders sign declarations EVERY day adding their shares to the case.

Join us http://bbigfamily.com

Don't believe everyone on Twitter. Many are not for BBIG but pretend to be. Proceed with caution.

We are getting stronger all the time. In addition more and more direct contacts to these entities are coming out and sharing testimony and black and white evidence of the fraud. I'm not going away anytime soon and neither are the authorities aware of these bad actors. Again bad investment shame on me for trying. Corrupt investment I fight.

Self dealing, conflicts of interest, money laundering, lies, deceit, pump and dumps, collusion with toxic financiers, cooking the books, not doing job in getting out filings on time and flat out stealing our money don't sit well with us.

We have evidence that this has happened. When we filed we didn't need more evidence but it comes in weekly!! Now we have to prove it legally in court. Some of this activity appears criminal not just civil.

NOT financial or legal advice. Get an attorney, CPA or other professional when dealing with securities in the market.

Good luck brother.