Call for Declarations & Housekeeping

This mass email went out to the BBIGFamily and on twitter:


You received an email if you are a member of

If you did not get the email you can still submit your declaration and become a member of the group.

If you did NOT get the email please check your spam/junk folder.

Consider signing the declaration to have your voice/shares represented. (this is different from when you joined and entered shares).

Lawsuit Update

As you saw yesterday - @TheMoneyMuntz shared yesterday's filing of the first amended complaint. 1st Amended Complaint

If you have time - please read that complaint.
It's very similar to the original but has several clarifications. It also has some detailed requests. We will soon be filing other documents as part of procedure.
Typically you file a
1. complaint,
2 motion and then an
3 order
In other words you say:
1. Court/Judge - this is what I don't like and why I think I have a legal basis (complaint)
2. Here's is my solution or suggestion (motion) or "ask/request"
3. If you agree - make it happen.
A very precise document prepared for the judge so all they have to do is sign or alter and sign. You - court/judge have the authority (order).
The judge will then sign the order So more will be coming. But please consider signing a declaration if you believe this lawsuit represents your opinions as a shareholder. Please make your declaration here:

Housekeeping - please read:

What shares should I enter on my declaration?
Don't over think it - how many shares did you have on March 16 and how many do you have today? Those are the share you enter. No calculations. Just how many today in your brokerage. Your brokerage has already done the math. If you don't remember your shares in the past - look at your brokerage statement or call them. I can't help you. To clarify - enter the shares that you saw on your brokerage in the past and now. DO NOT do any math. Read it carefully.
For example - for me I had 236,500 shares on March 16. Those are my shares that day. I have 11,825 shares now - That's my current shares. Those are what I enter if that's what I had. If I had no shares on mar 16 - I put 0. If I have no shares today - I put 0
Form not submitting?
If you are on an iphone using safar or an android using mozilla - consider using Chrome.
We've seen some issues submitting with those two browsers.
Chrome on desktop works great as with all phones.
If you submission did not go through try again on chrome.
We will delete the duplicates. Just use the same email. 

Not getting emails?

We have seen issues with Microsoft emails:,,, and Apple emails:, Please add to your listed of trusted domains in your email program and whitelist use, add us to your address book. If you use gmail, yahoo, comcast, aol or any other email address we have not seen any problems. --------------------------------------------

Space call coming soon.

We need donations.