Self Represent In Court

2023-april-21-hearing.pngToday, April 21, 2023 Darryl and I entered the courthouse. We were literally making filings all night and even in the morning. Scott sent in some last minute pictures showing the empty Syracuse office empty.

I'll admit I was nervous. I had never presented to a judge before. I did the best I knew and pulled up facts about the self-dealing, conflicts of interest and hurt/harmed shareholders. We reputted when defense layed it on. I think we did ok considering the circumstances.

I was on the laptop in the lobby scrambling to pay the fee and enter it into the record should the judge need to see it.

We were dressed in our suits and ties and Muntz was in his suit on virtual "Blue Jeans".

Many of the family was watching.

We made our case but we didn't get the TRO we were looking for.

I considered it a win however as we received the reason why we the court didn't have authority to grant the TRO

It wasn't because we weren't justified, it was because Judge Allf didn't have "authority", meaning according to the current status of the case - certain harm was not "ripe". In other words - the meeting had not taken place yet. The illegal shares had not been used yet. We didn't show standing - even though we had it. So we needed to prove we had shareholders not just show shares on paper.

To see the actual hearing - we'll upload to YouTube soon.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3