Press - Shareholders Nominate Three Retail Investors to Vinco Ventures Board of Directors

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Shareholders Nominate Three Retail Investors to Vinco Ventures Board of Directors   

United States – Today, a group of shareholders announced the nomination of three new "retail investor" candidates to the board of directors of Vinco Ventures (Ticker: BBIG), citing the company's lack of transparency.  The move comes in response to concerns about Vinco Ventures' compliance with Nasdaq rules and regulations, including the company's failure to file quarterly reports for Q2 and late filings of Q3 of 2022, as well as its failure to hold an annual meeting in 2022. 

 "As a worldwide community of retail investors, we are deeply concerned about the recent Nasdaq deficiency notices received by Vinco Ventures and lack of transparency into our investment" said Shadwrick Vick, a shareholder of Vinco Ventures and a community nominee. "It's time to consider additional leadership that will prioritize transparency, accountability, and compliance. Real people have put their hard-earned dollars into this company and deserve a roadmap, filings and basic communication" 

The nomination letter, which is available on outlines the qualifications and experience of each nominee and highlights their commitment to creating value for all shareholders. 

The retail investors plan to file their nomination materials with Vinco Ventures today, in accordance with the company's bylaws and rules governing shareholder nominations. 

"This nomination is a reflection of the support and confidence we have in this community," Lorne Ross added. "We hope to use our passion, expertise and vision to drive Vinco Ventures forward and restore shareholder value." 

The three nominees are Lorne Ross, Shadwrick Vick and Christopher Muntz, who bring a wealth of experience in corporate finance, operations, and digital media. "We are confident that our nominees have the skills and expertise needed to help guide Vinco Ventures through these challenging times and position the company for long-term success," said Austin Gilmore - Nominator. 

The community at large, including investors on Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Stocktwits, LinkedIn, and other virtual communities, has expressed support for the nomination. 

"We are proud to stand together as a community of retail investors to hold Vinco Ventures accountable," said Chris Muntz, a member and nominee of the community. "We believe that this nomination is a step towards ensuring that our voices are heard, and our interests are represented." 

The election of new board members is anticipated to take place at Vinco Ventures' upcoming annual meeting. 

For more information about the nomination, please visit 

Cover Letter   Nomination