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Space - De-listment Nasdaq & Retain Mark Basile

We announced on a space call tonight that we have retained Mark Basile and the Basile Law Firm P.C. - securities attorneys based in NY.  Mark has tremendous experience and will be an amazing asset to .... read more

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Muntz/Shad (Rudy) Blood Money Interview with Vem Miller

Christopher Muntz and Shad Vick (Co-Plaintiffs in the law suit against Vinco Ventures and the Board of Directors) were interviewed by Vem Miller on www.AmericaHappens.com . read more

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Houston Wade Interview, Finnman Space Call and Filings into 8th District Court for Counter Motion

Wow - what a busy day. Erik Finnman suggests sell shares, we file a countermotion and interview with Houston Wade. Erik Finnman (previous CEO of our ZVV partner Zash Global) told everyone to sell on .... read more

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3 Vinco Board Members Resign

In today's 8k, Lisa King, Brian Hart and Richard Levychin all resigned. Link to Vinco 8k Here I don't think anyone saw this coming. We don't know the reasons - but we can speculate that for 3 board .... read more

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BBIG Shareholder Suit Picked Up by Review Journal

Our BBIGfamily shareholder lawsuit has gained exposure - but this time from a political lens.  Jessica Hill of the ReviewJournal Las Vegas is a political reporter. She had been asking questions of Chr.... read more

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